Fill Your Mental & Emotional Cup

We have three parts to holistic health – Mental, Physical and Spiritual.  I am teaching a workshop on Facebook this week that examines how to care for each of these parts of our overall wellness – Filling Our Cup.

The first cup I talk about filling is our Mental/Emotional Cup. Here are some great ways to refill this vital component of your life:

*Spend time with friends – laughing, talking, appreciating, loving. Soak in that connection to others.

*Find an artistic hobby or class – this will allow you to express yourself in a nonverbal way and will actually help you in being able to better communicate your feelings out loud.

*Keep your thoughts positive – make up a list of affirmations you can repeat when you need your cup filled.

*Belly laugh – you’ve got to laugh. Then, laugh some more. Laugh until snot comes out of your nose and you pee your pants a little laughing.

To join the workshop click HERE

This information is not a substitute for medical treatment or therapy. It is not intended to treat or diagnose, but rather to compliment medical advice.

emotional cup fillers.png

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