Emotional Recharge

Need an Mental & Emotional Escape? This graphic shows us a great way to recharge in our own home! Pamper yourself with a bubble bath, infused with your favorite calming essential oil. Fill the room with calming scents, crystals, and soft light and grab your latest book indulgence. Can’t take a soak in the tub? Then try just soaking your feet. This is a wonderful way to fill your emotional cup with self-care and self-love. ♥

Need an emotional escape at work? Set your emotional crystal set on your desk, place a soft & fuzzy rug under your desk so you can take off your shoes and run your feet through it. Keep a bottle of essential oil on hand to inhale directly from the bottle if you can’t use an infuser in your office. Grab your headphones or some ear plugs and close your eyes and visualize your happy place. Repeat your affirmations in you head as your feet peddle across that fuzzy rug and you deeply inhale your calming essential oil aroma. If you work in a job without an office or desk, you can do all this in your car. 🙂 A five minute break at work with this and you will be good to go!

emotional escape.png

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