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Angels Believe in You

I started my spiritual journey in 2010.  I called it my Ethereal Quest and created a Facebook page where I could share uplifting posts about angelic healing and being happy and living a life of joy.  I wasn’t happy or living a life of joy at the time, but I hoped that by bringing this positive energy in to my life that it would rub off – and it did.

I also began studying everything I could about angels and read books and joined groups that were about communicating with them – watching for signs – angel card reading -how to meditate -how to raise your vibration and open yourself up to hearing their messages.

This eventually led me to study the chakras and reiki and other energy healing modalities – then on to crystals and essential oils and here I am today working on a doctorate in metaphysics.

But it all started with a belief in the healing power of angels.

Next week I am hosting a free workshop on communicating with the Archangels and everyone who attends will be offered free membership in my Tribe Quest Spiritual and Holistic Life Coaching Group – this group is for all who are looking for support on their spiritual journey.

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