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I am hosting a 4-day workshop on Facebook this week and we are learning about the four main Archangels.  Each day I am also posting a different perspective of how we perceive the Angels: Theological, metaphysical and spiritual.  Here is my lesson on Angels as Energy:

We have an image of Angels in our minds that they look like human-like beings with wings. We give them human attributes like flowing hair and beautiful eyes. We place their home in the heavens above us – unreachable unless they choose to appear before us.

Angels are made of unconditional love and shining white light, or, energy. Angels are a very high vibrating energy – so high vibrating that we can’t possibly make sense of it in our minds. So, our mind processes the energy the only way it can – it makes Angels human.

It’s not that viewing Angels as physical beings is wrong – this image has served us well and given us access to Angel energy. But, the physical realm is limiting. Because we see Angels as physical beings (relatively physical, anyway) they must have a home – they must take up space – they must adhere to physics and physical laws of time and space (albeit super powers that exceed physical law, yet are anchored in those laws).

When we shift our understanding and can see Angels as energy, rather than as beings, we expand our access to their light and love to infinity.

Energy is all around us. It is within us. It is above us and below us. Reach out your hand and there are layers and layers of energy that we cannot see or feel, but it is there.

Angel energy is there, too. And this energy is available all the time in all directions of space, time, dimension. It is not bound to earthly physical laws – it is metaphysical – beyond the physical.

How does this help you? First, you can release any thoughts of “bothering” the Angels – or that maybe the Angels are busy somewhere else. This energy is everywhere, all the time.

You can also release beliefs that there are beings up in the heavens that just sit around and watch you suffer in pain and do nothing. Who wants to call on beings that could be so cold hearted? When we remove the human association with the Angels, we can remove the belief that it is THEIR choice when to help us – We can now have the power within ourselves to access them. We are in control and we are responsible for our own healing. We can tap in to Angel energy for healing whenever we are in pain or need – it only takes being open to this energy and using our tools to raise our vibrations high enough to receive the energy.

No matter how you understand Angels, that belief and perspective is right for you and is great.  Whether you view Angels as energy or as spiritual beings or as beings sent from Heaven, the important thing is knowing that Angels can help us heal.


Today is the last day of my workshop.  It is not too late for you to join us and learn about the Archangels and how we can communicate with them.   Click here to join the group.

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