Solar Plexus Tools

When your Solar Plexus Chakra is out of balance you may have some of these signs:

Low self-esteem

Feeling Powerless

Inability to set or maintain boundaries


Lack of self-control

Depression or anxiety


Doterra’s Cheer Essential oil blend supports feelings of optimism, cheerfulness, and happiness. It also may counteract negative emotions of feeling down, blue, or low.

Yellow crystals also bring you enlightenment, optimism, warmth, and clarity.

Citrine is a Solar Plexus Chakra Stone used to increase and magnify personal power and energy. It is a great stone to combat negative energy and to clear unwanted energy from our environment. Citrine is most well known for being a stone to manifest abundance and is called “the money stone”.

Use these affirmations along with the Cheer oil blend and Citrine crystal to assist you in balancing your Solar Plexus Chaka and to lift your mood and eliminate negative energies.

solar plexus.png


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