Empower Love

The Law of  Attraction is a very real law that governs life on Earth. We are like magnets and like mirrors at the same time.

What energy we vibrate, or put out in to the world, is the energy we will get back in return.  So, like a magnet we attract the energy to us.  And, like a mirror, our energy is an equal reflection to the energy that comes in to our lives.

What we can take from this is simple:  We need to give out the energy that we want to receive in our lives.  If we want love, then we need to focus on love, and not the lack of it or the absence of it. We need to give love to attract love.  We need to mirror love so that love is reflected back upon us.

What we empower, we attract.

attract what u empower.png

Published by geniemathews

Spiritual Synergist - bringing together your dreams with the action to get there.

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