Angel Quest

If you haven’t noticed, I’m all about the Quest.  To me the word means a search for truth-whatever that truth is and wherever it can be found.

When I first started my spiritual journey it was with the the creation of my Facebook page, Ethereal Quest.   This page helped me seek out positivity, happiness, joy, angels and all things  beautiful that we can attain.

I spent 6 years studying about angels and law of attraction and all sorts of Holistic healing and spiritual modalities and using that page as my “happy place”.

This past spring I started the Tribe Quest private group on Facebook.  This group is where I teach and share what I know to help the members in the group with the own self-healing and becoming unstuck in their lives.  I have now made this a free group, with the only admission cost being to attend one of my workshops on Facebook or being recommended by a current member.  This is just a little step to make sure new members are aware of topics in the group and are on their own spiritual and self-healing journeys so that everyone feels safe to share and the vibration of the group is kept in integrity.  (I do a workshop each month and you can join the workshop group now so you don’t miss the next one!)

The NEW QUEST is just starting for me – it’s my new group ANGEL QUEST on Facebook.  This is more of a member led group where everyone shares and tells their stories and their knowledge of all things angelic and of the divine universal source.  Though I may occasionally post a lesson I have shared in a workshop, this group is not all about me and what I know – it’s about learning from each other.

So, in my questing, I have been a student, a teacher, and now I want to be a friend and colleague to other spiritual people.  I am searching for life-minded people to be a part of this journey.  If this resonates with you, please join our quest.

angel quest newsletter image2png.png


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