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Gratitude is the Key

In my Tribe Quest group this month we are raising our vibrations with three simple tools; meditation, positive attitude and living in gratitude.

Gratitude is the single biggest indicator as to whether a person is happy or not.  We all have those people in our lives who constantly complain about everything.  They are exhausting people to be around.  Their vibrations are low and they bring us down. They are not happy about anything -ever.

These people appreciate nothing in their lives.  They are ungrateful.

We must be mindful of the positive things in our lives.  Appreciate the people you have instead of dwelling on the people who have left.  Appreciate the place you are today, instead of holding on to anger about where you were yesterday or a year ago – or even in your childhood.  Be grateful for the choices you get to make in your life that determine your future, rather than stay stuck on the things you cannot control.

Live a life in gratitude and you will live a life of happiness.

xo Genie


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