I posted on this a while back, so I won’t make this a long-winded post.  I just want to emphasize this point again –

Gratitude IS the Key to Happiness. 

When you are feeling lowly, under appreciated, like you aren’t where you should be in life – you really can pick yourself up by having thoughts of gratitude and what you are grateful for in your life.

Everyone says they want to be happy – why aren’t we then?   We spend our thoughts in regret for the past, which we cannot change – or in fear for the future, which we can’t predict with certainty.  We don’t stop to look around in this moment and see what we have and where we are right in front of us.

Yes, it’s hard and takes practice to live in gratitude and mindfulness, especially when something traumatic happens in our lives.  It’s perfectly alright to feel all the emotions that come with bad events in our lives – but climbing out of the despair and anger and pain, that is hard to do without a tool to use to lend us a hand.  That tool is gratitude.  When you are ready to  move out of sorrow and back to happiness, begin with gratitude.

gratitude is the key.png

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