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Never Too Old

At age 42 I was completely lost.  I had never gone back and finished my degree.  I spent 20 years working or volunteering in jobs to support my children’s interests. All my friendships were also centered around the teams, groups and events in which my children were involved.  My life was my kids and helping my ill mother – I had absolutely no hobbies, interests, or social life outside of that sphere.

I couldn’t even recall what my dreams had ever been – if I had even ever had any.  I was working towards nothing.  Stuck.  Spinning in place.  No direction.  No clue even what I wanted for myself.  I had no life, no job skills, no future beyond focusing on my kids.

It took a neck injury and a discussion with my physical therapist to get a wake-up call.  He had handed me a questionnaire to fill out about my general health and wellness.  There were several questions about what I did for exercise and relaxation and hobbies.  All the answers were, “whatever my kids are doing.”  He asked me what on earth I planned on doing when the kids left home – and I had no answers.  It struck at my heart and soul that soon I would have nothing.

My mom’s illness had already started me on a journey of learning about Angels and healing – but this was a real turning point in my spiritual growth as I turned inward for the first time in twenty years.  I started meditating and taking courses on law of attraction, developing intuition, card reading and more.  I still take all the courses I can and am a sponge for learning.

The most important thing I learned was to get myself unstuck.  I had to figure out what I wanted so I could move forward with a plan to get there.  What did I want?  What made me happy?  If my life were everything I dreamed, what would it look like?

After six years of soul-searching, study and practice, I have finally started to see my dreams taking shape.  This blog, my tribe, my writing – it’s all coming together and I couldn’t be more excited for the future!  It’s not too late for you, either!

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