Life is Short

I’m creeping up on the 5-0 and will reach that milestone in a couple years.  On my latest birthday I got to thinking about just how different 50 is to my generation than what it was to the boomers.  At my age, my mom was a grandmother (though she looked so young) and had less than twenty years left of life.  My grandmother had 4 or 5 grandchildren at my age and I remember her being grandmotherly – looking grandmotherly.

Here I am at 48 and I feel like I am just beginning to live my life.  My oldest child is almost 25.  Hell!  I still feel 25!  I wonder if I have enough time to reach any of my dreams and goals.  Maybe.  If I tweak them a bit and make sure I am spending everyday working and living my dreams in some way.

As you get older, time goes even faster.  It seems like last Christmas just happened and here we are with the next one.   I spent the first year of my marriage away from my husband as he was stationed on a remote tour with the Navy.  It was the longest year of my life as I counted down to our reunion.  Now, I am planning an event for two years from now and not sure if there is enough time to pull it all off.

Losing friends and loved one happens more frequently as you age. Each loss is a time for reflection and appreciation of life – life you’ve lived and life you are still gifted.

What I learned about life this year is that It. Goes. Fast.  Don’t waste a minute on things that don’t feed your soul, bring you joy & happiness, or raise your vibrations.  Don’t wait for tomorrow to start living your dreams – do it today.  Get unstuck and live life.

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