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Course Giveaway

I have two Hay House Online Courses I am excited to giveaway!!  Here are the Official Rules:


1. Two courses* are being given away.  There will be two winners.

2. Joining my team is required. The FIRST TWO people to JOIN MY TEAM will each win access to one of these two Hay House courses. The FIRST person to JOIN MY TEAM gets first choice of either course. The second to join will receive the remaining course.   (Akashics course is valued at $60.  Connect with Angels course is valued at $50.)

3. To JOIN MY TEAM you will need to go to my DoTerra website and join me as a WELLNESS ADVOCATE ($35 Fee). (There will be no other mandatory fees or selling or buying!)

Advocate #3539829

DoTerra will notify me when you join.  The first notification I receive from DoTerra is the first winner.  The second notification I receive from DoTerra is the second winner.

4. You will need to have or create a Hay House account (free) and I will email you the access code to enroll in the course. You may not sell the access code/prize.

5. In addition to the courses here, as a member of my team you will also get free access to the Blossoms United Team Courses, “Journey to Self-Healing”, a $50 value, and “21-Day Biz Jump Start” to help you create or improve your own holistic or spiritually based business. See the “Courses” and “Join My Team” tabs on my website for more information on the benefits of being a member of Tribe Quest and Blossoms United Teams.

6. There are no refunds for anyone who joins DoTerra after the first two winners. However, everyone who joins my team will receive the two courses listed in #5, along with other benefits outlined on my website.  I will update this post immediately after receiving notification from DoTerra that someone joined my team and announce the winners.

*These courses are offered by HayHouseU.  I am not affiliated with Hay House in any way. 

course giveaway.png

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