Genie Mathews

Life Mastery Coach, Spiritual Educator, Wisdom Keeper

Self Acceptance

You are a being gifted with the universal law of Free Will.  That means you have the power to create your own thoughts, to take the action you choose in a situation, and to decide your own beliefs. You are uniquely individual from all other human beings.  And yet, you look to other people for approval and acceptance.  You give your power away to others.

This year I took my power back, and you can too.   

Accept yourself.  Regardless of what others think or say – believe in your choices and decisions.  Self-Acceptance will free you to follow your dreams.

One thing that can help you with this is to tune in to your intuition.  Start paying attention to that voice in your head and your gut instinct.  Take some time each day to get quiet and meditate and be open to messages from your soul.

You can do some vibration raising exercises to help open you be open to that voice.  Activities that get you out in to nature are uplifting.  Practice gratitude.  Repeat positive affirmations.  All these things lift your personal energy vibration and allow messages from your soul to come through loud and clear.

How do you know if that voice in your head is your soul?  Your intuition will never be negative – it will never sound like fear or hate.  That negative voice is your ego and it is trying to keep you safe – but ego is not concerned with your happiness and dreams.

Tribe Quest is my free Life Coaching group where we work on raising our vibrations and learning tools that will help us do that.  Check out the Tribe Quest tab above if you think it would help you in 2017.

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