Genie Mathews

Life Mastery Coach, Spiritual Educator, Wisdom Keeper

Warrior Goddess

We’ve lived in a patriarchal society for the entirety of the recorded history of modern humans.  It is what it is.  This is not a blog about bashing men though.  It is an uplifting of the feminine energy, in both men and women, which will heal the world.

Masculine energy – god energy – is about physical strength, control, productivity and being the leader.  This energy serves humans in times of war, danger, providing food and shelter and organizing divisions of labor.  The masculine serves the physical world and serves it well.  Unfortunately, it cares nothing for the mental and emotional parts of being human – the metaphysics of humanity.

Feminine energy – goddess energy – is about emotions, mental state, creativity, nourishment, and being the healer.  It’s the feminine energy that allows us to dream, to feel compassion, to love and to connect with our souls.  The feminine serves the metaphysical world beautifully – when allowed.

Yes, allowed.

The masculine energy has been in control.  For some reason, this energy has stifled and silenced the feminine.  Perhaps in our tribal societies and in times of survival, the feminine appeared unhelpful.  The feminine, being the energy of peace, simply went along with the downgrade from being equal parts of a whole, to being lessSun-Moon-Yin-Yang-Art-750x742.jpg than its counter part.

It has taken centuries for us to finally see how much we need the feminine energy just as much as we need the masculine.  A shift in energy is happening globally right at this moment.  Spirituality is on the rise and  we are accessing and understanding the sacred feminine better – even men are inviting this energy in to their lives.  We are learning to be both masculine and feminine energetically – a whole person, both yin and yang.  This is great news!  Because now more than ever we need the healing powers of the feminine to stand up and take control.

Warrior Gwarrior-goddessoddess Training, by HeatherAsh Amara, is a book for women about finding their voice and learning to appreciate the valuable gifts they have inherited. It’s also about bringing out the leadership, strength and control energy within in us. This book a great place for any woman to start on their journey to living their purpose.   Thousands of women have been inspired by this author. Thousands, if not millions of women are taking their places as the fully equal feminine to their  masculine counterparts.

Warrior Goddesses are rising and that means we are going to have healers in places of leadership and power.  It means we can begin to heal the world.  This shift is happening, and not a moment too soon.




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