Genie Mathews

Life Mastery Coach, Spiritual Educator, Wisdom Keeper

2017 Goal Plan

Start 2017 with a game plan! Click to sign up and get my FREE Goal Planning Workbook! This goal planner is not like most you’ve come across.  In this workbook we not only ask what you want – but why you want it and how it fits in to your life’s dreams.

Also, in the workbook I invite you to join my Free, invitation only, Tribe Quest Life Coaching Group on Facebook! Join my Tribe and get additional support and help with your goal planning and tons of other helpful tools to help you get unstuck in your life!

To get the pdf, you just have to sign up for my Angel Quest Newsletter.  This newsletter is for all Lightworkers and Earth Angels and Tribe Members.  I only send it out once a month and it includes information on the latest workshops and courses and online events in our community.

Just click the image and sign up ♥

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