Manifesting Glitch

Manifesting is huuuge in the spirituality world. It doesn’t take too much study to find that a great many spiritual tools are for manifesting.  Our Sacral Chakras are for creating and manifesting abundance, and all 7 Chakras help us manifest in areas our lives.  The Law of Attraction is all about manifesting.  There are crystals that we use in grids for manifesting. Thinking positive thoughts helps us manifest.

And when we fail to manifest what we really want or need, we are led to believe that this glitch is our own fault.  We didn’t put out the right energy.  We had negative thoughts.  We thought too much about the opposite of what we wanted.  We weren’t clear enough in what we wanted. And, in most ways, I believe that this is true.  We do need to put out the energy equal to what we want to manifest. If we want to manifest a new car, we need to be in the energy of a new car AND putting forth the action that tells the universe we are ready for a new car.  (Like going to work, having insurance, driving safely…)

But, what if we did everything right.  What if we are patient and working hard and are mindful and still the opportunity for a new car is not presenting itself?  We might be tempted to beat ourselves up and think we did something wrong – in which case we will be lowering our vibrations and making that new car even further away from reality.

We might also be tempted to just say, “well, God doesn’t want me to have it.”  In this case, we will again tell ourselves that God didn’t think us worthy – we weren’t good enough.  Our vibrations sink lower still.

What if we just aren’t meant to get everything we want – no matter how good we are, no matter how hard we work, no matter how much we meditate?  Manifesting isn’t magic.  It isn’t about speaking the right words and performing the right rituals and “poof” there is your car.  Yes, the right frame of mind is vital because it shows you the action you need take and gets your clear on what it is you really want.  You absolutely will not get what you want if your attitude is that you are unworthy of it!

But, sometimes, no matter how much you want something, it just isn’t meant for you.  You can’t always get what you want.  This has nothing to do with your worthiness.  You are worthy!  Consider, perhaps, that this glitch in manifesting is because there is a life lesson to learn or something better coming your way.

The Universe has your back.  Trust that.  Believe that what is for your highest good will come to you in time.




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