Family Is

A popular meme that regularly pops up on social media is the quote:

Family isn’t always blood; it’s those who love you unconditionally.

I think it is such a popular quote because most of us can relate.  Most of us have felt rejection and nonacceptance from our blood relatives, and most of us have had friends who feel more like family than blood relatives ever could.

This year I learned that not only is this common, but that it is normal and okay.  It’s okay to form our own families.  It’s okay to walk away from blood relatives who are toxic and unwilling to love you for who you are – rather than who they want you to be.

It’s okay and you are okay and you are not a bad person for wanting away from the drama and hatred and people would rather tear you down than support you and love you.  You aren’t the bad person for walking away and choosing your own self-preservation.

Live your truth, friends.  Lose the guilt and do you.  You’ll never be happy when you are living to meet the approval of others.  You have the right to be who you are and live your own life.  Your family is waiting to love you.

family is.png


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