Walk Your Talk

When you start a new phase in your life or set out to learn something new, the first thing you do is look for a teacher or a mentor to show you the way.  I have taken courses with some of the greatest in their fields – Carol Tuttle, Master Energy Therapist, Sonia Choquette, Intuition Master, Doreen Virtue, Angel Therapy Master and Angel Expert, Vishen Lahkiani, Mindvalley Founder, Judy Hall, Crystal Master, and Joe Vitale, Law of Attraction Master.

I not only study the teachings of the masters, but I study their lives.  I get to know them as people.  I follow them, I read their bios, I listen to what they say in interviews and notice where they give of their time.   The people above truly Walk their Talk.  They lead by example and  give of themselves for the greater good.  Though they charge for their services and courses, they give back a wealth of value in return.

I have also had teachers who I looked up to and enjoyed their courses, but over time I began to see as shallow and completely self-serving – if not egocentric.  The author of a great course on raising your personal vibration is one such person.  I really loved the course and the material is still so important in my life.  BUT, months ago I began seeing her social media posts were more and more about her new cars, her vacations and her in bikinis and sunglasses.    The “look at me, look at me” energy felt desperate (low vibrating) and I eventually had to stop following her because I was spending more time trying to stop judging her than I was focusing on her teachings.  Her course is powerful and I would still recommend it.  I just choose to not to follow her example of living the lessons she teaches.

Just know that you’ve got to be careful not to latch on to teachers and yogis and religious or spiritual leaders as if they are some messianic figures.  They are human-like you – but just a littler further down the road on their journey and study.  Not every master will resonate with you.  Not every teaching style or approach will speak to you.  Not every leader acts in integrity – in fact, some will try to get you to believe that theirs is the only approach and insist you follow them even when you feel they aren’t right for you.

This is another time when you must listen to your inner voice.  When something doesn’t feel right, then it is not right for you.  If you are looking for a teacher who can show you the path to love and light, and yet they are spreading hate and condemnation for others, are you going to find love and light through such a teacher, studio, school or institution?  Not likely.  Have the confidence and courage to listen to your intuition and seek out wisdom in places that resonate with your soul.  Walk Your Own Talk.

A great teacher will walk their talk – and they will allow you to do the same.  Anything less is hypocrisy and dishonest and will take you in the the opposite direction of where you want to be.

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