New Beginnings

It’s New Year’s Eve 2017!!  Are you getting ready for a party?  Going out on the town?  Watching fireworks tonight?  Making a list of everything you plan to change?

The start of a new year does signal new beginnings for a lot of us.  Do overs.  Changes.  Resolutions.  A chance to start fresh.

What happens two weeks from now when we’ve stopped going to the gym or quit going to bed early or cheated on our new diets?  How many of us feel like failures and throw in the towel for the rest of the year?   Yes – we give up on our resolutions within in weeks of the new year beginning.

If this is you, allow me to let you in on a little secret…

You can start a new year everyday of the year.  Each day is a chance to start over.  New beginnings start when you start them!!

Tomorrow you’ll wake up with a fresh look at life.  When you trip up and go back on your resolution in a few weeks, don’t tell yourself you have failed.  Don’t give up on you.  Pick yourself up and start again – even if it’s February or June or October – you don’t need a new year to start a new you.

Best wishes in 2017 and everyday!

new day.png

Published by geniemathews

Spiritual Synergist - bringing together your dreams with the action to get there.

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