Genie Mathews

Life Mastery Coach, Spiritual Educator, Wisdom Keeper

Calling All Lightworkers

I am officially sending out the call to all Lightworkers, Empaths, Earth Angels, Indigos and all those who choose to shine the light for others.  The time has come.

Our gifts as spiritualists and healers and light bearers have never been needed more than now.  The fear, destruction, wars, and hate appears to be growing – and we know this is in response to the shift in universal consciousness that is happening.  As our consciousness rises, so does the shadow side of life.

How can we help?

First, it’s very important that we don’t spread fear to others and play in to the hatred.  Being spiritual does not mean being silent or apathetic – it means we have tools we can use to heal and get beyond the fear and hate.  We can use our voice in a way that heals.  We can express our passion in a way that shines light.

Some of you don’t know that you have this light within you.  You are sensitive – and those 12644679_765219256941428_7845705244173266287_naround you might call you crazy, emotional, or a drama queen.  You care deeply for others.  You help wherever you can.  You tend to not ask for help for yourself.  You are likely an introvert because when you go around others you absorb their energy and it gets to be too much.  You are concerned about the state of the world, the environment, the oppressed, those in poverty and the forgotten – these topics bring you to tears and you feel helpless.

If that sounds like you, then you are an Empath and likely someone with great ability to bring healing others – once you have healed yourself.

I have just started an Academy of Holistic Wellness with free courses to introduce healing topics and holistic wellness tools to anyone who is ready to learn.  My Introduction to Holistic Healing Course starts on January 7th and will run for 12 weeks.  To enroll in this free course you need to be in one of my Facebook Groups (see Academy tab above)  or Join My Team. (see tab above).

Why do you need to be part of one of my groups or my team?   Because I am truly looking for Life-Minded people who want to be part of a group of others on our spiritual journey.  Being part of our groups means you are also willing to participate and give back to others.  And in return, you get valuable courses that will help you in your own self-healing and self-care.  This is important for your karma – the giving and receiving.

If you think you are a Lightworker, Earth Angel, Empath, Indigo or other spiritual being whose purpose is to be a healer and light bearer – please join us to learn more.

Here are two of our Facebook Groups you can join now.

Introduction to Holistic Healing Workshop Group  – This is a group where I have been hosting monthly workshops on different holistic healing and metaphysical topics.  Those who participate in one of these workshops get invited to join my private group, Tribe Quest. This group is a support and life coaching group for those of us on a spiritual path and has a Member’s Only Course on the new Academy with exclusive content just for the tribe.

Angel Quest Group – My own journey started with support from the Angelic realm.  Angel Quest is a group for people who also honor the Angels and appreciate the art and lore surrounding them.  This group is member led – everyone can post, start discussions, share their own stories.  Our Angel Quest Newsletter is not exclusive to this group – it is my public monthly news and info email and named in honor of my beginning quest.



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