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Courses Available

Just a quick post to let you know that the Team Courses are open for registration NOW for team members and the public and they will remain open!  Yay!  These courses are taught by my mentor, Dr. Aly of Where Juniper Grows and Doterra Team Blossoms United.  Aly is AMAZING and her courses are very well done!

ALSO – The public price for the certification courses has been reduced!!  Check out the course descriptions on the Team Courses page to learn more!

The Academy of Holistic Wellness has also launched!  If you belong to Tribe Quest or signed up for my Ethereal Quest Newsletter, then the courses are open and ready to go!

Goal Planning is on week 2 with lesson 3 being posted on Jan. 15th.

Tribe Quest has the first lesson up about the Akashic Records.

Check out the Academy link and contact me if you are interested in trying out the courses.


My Signature Course,


Coming Soon!


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