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The Big Move

Hello fellow Lightworkers!  I’ve been gone almost two months while moving and have missed sharing with you all.

This was a big move for my family.  We had lived in our house for 12 years- and that is longer than either myself or my husband had lived anywhere in our lives.  I moved a lot as a kid and then married my husband while he was in the Navy and we moved every few years.  We both get itchy to move after a few years in one place so it has been a long over-due move for us.

Normally we move after a few years and during that process we throw out clutter – old clothes, things we don’t use, and empty all the junk drawers.  We are about 9 years behind on the de-cluttering this time around.  One more year and we’d have been a candidate for the tv show Hoarders.

Additionally, we had been storing a lot of things that weren’t household goods.  My husband and I had founded a non-profit youth center that we operated for several years and we had boxes and boxes of paperwork and activities and supplies.  We also had things from our daughter moving in and  out several times during her college years.  And, we had all of my late mother’s  remaining belongings.  All of that needed sorted in to trash and charity.

I had a hard time letting go of most of it.  I had to say goodbye to my previous career in youth mentoring and child care – and even harder was letting go of my mom’s things.

It’s been a lot of work and we donated a ton of stuff –  but I’m afraid to say that our new garage is full of stuff.  Clearly I have a problem, LOL!

BUT, wouldn’t you know that the universe sent me some help this week…

I got an email from HayHouse and Denise Linn this week with a three video series on de-cluttering!   Watch them by clicking here! 

In the meantime, here is one corner of my new apartment that is ready to use – my reading nook.  Yay!

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