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Life Mastery Coach, Spiritual Educator, Wisdom Keeper

Tribe Quest Change Up


Tribe Quest has reorganized!  With the moving of our courses to the academy, Tribe Quest has changed it’s purpose from education to supporting women on their personal quests.

Our training and education content for the Doterra Biz building is the same and the Tribe Quest “Getting Unstuck” courses and workshops are now hosted at our new academy!

Other former Tribe Quest features – Tarot & Oracle Card Readings, Downloads, Videos and Links and Discussions – will now be featured on the Genie Mathews, Intuitive Life Coaching Page and!!  Free and open access for everyone!

Features Now With Open Access on Social Media

  • Daily Tarot & Oracle Card Readings
  • Group Energy Clearing/Distance Reiki Session
  • Meditations, videos, downloads, and other resources.
  • Online Workshops
  • Group Discussions

Topics moved to the new academy!

  • Mindfulness
  • Energy Healing (Reiki, Chakras, Crystals)
  • Essential Oils, Herbs, Food
  • Shamanism (space clearing, Native traditions, ancient ritual)
  • Law of Attraction
  • Goal Planning
  • Chakras
  • and more…


How to Join Tribe Quest

We are still asking that you participate in one of these activities to get an invite to Tribe Quest.  This is our way of ensuring group fit and to evade the trolls that ruin many of these kinds of groups.   If you do not wish to participate in these activities, but think you may be a fit for our group, please email us at and request to join – We would love to have you!!

  1. Join my Team and access is free and no sign up necessary
  2. Attend my next Introduction to Holistic Healing Online Workshop and be invited to join.  Join the workshop now and take in the previous course.
  3. Any current member can add life-minded people to the tribe!
  4. SIGN UP FOR THE ETHEREAL QUEST NEWSLETTER BELOW and you will recieve access to the NEW Goal Planning Course and an invitation to join Tribe Quest!!!

Sign up and recieve the Goal Planning Workbook, access to the Goal Planning Mini-Course and and Invite to join Tribe Quest!  Click the image!!


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