That Darn Mercury

Several times a year the planet Mercury appears to be rotating opposite of the Earth.  Planets rotate from east to west around the sun, but two or three times a year it appears that Mercury is spinning west to east. This is an optical illusion as the planet does not actually change direction. But we call these periods of time Mercury Retrograde

Mercury is said to rule communication and that extends to our modern technological devices.  The planet is also said to govern travel, education and mechanical workings.

This illusion of being in reverse causes an energy shift comparable to extending “opposite day” by days or weeks.  You can imagine that during this time that all of the areas ruled by Mercury will be completely buggered.  Notice you have missed flights? Car broke down? Your cell service is inconsistent or screen shatters? Have pop quizzes messed up your class grade? Fighting with friends over misunderstandings?

Mercury Retrograde.

So, how can you survive this period, which will last from April 9 – May 3 in 2017?

First – Remain calm. You can get through this!

Second – Double check everything under Mercury; flight times, class notes, texts before you hit send, oil and fluids in the car, tire pressure, update phone system and apps. (Caution! Don’t do the upgrades after Retrograde has begun!)

Third – Avoid these things:

  • signing contracts
  • starting a new job
  • buying or updating your computer software
  • taking that big vacation you’ve planned for years
  • skipping class
  • bring up sore topics with family and friends
  • buy or repair a car
  • schedule presentations or major meetings
  • negotiate with your parents or your boss

Last and most important – Set the intention that everything will go according to plan during this time and always.  Let the universe know that you are OK with what energy comes your way because you know it is for your highest good.

And if things go haywire for you – at least you know why and can get right back on track!

Blame it on Mercury Retrograde.png

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