Self Healing Safari

I created a challenge for anyone who has been so busy taking care of everyone else that they neglected themselves.  It’s called the 7 Day Self-Healing Safari Challenge and it starts on April 20th in our Facebook Workshop Group.

A Safari is about going out in to the wilderness and searching for the life that lives there – usually tigers and lions and elephants and rhinos and other large animals that thrill and terrify us, but also, for most of us, stir up deep emotions of compassion and conservation for these amazing earth creatures.

Some of us have neglected ourselves so badly over the years that in the area of self-care we might as well be asking you to care for a wild beast over taking time on ourselves.

I get it.  I’ve lived it.  I still, sometimes, get stuck in it.  Saying NO to your kids and others can be tough.  Mine kids are grown and I still struggle with putting myself first.  I think that is why this is the second 7 Day self-care themed work shop in a year – because I need it just as much as anyone.

And, to be honest, I’m kinda tired of seeing the same old chakra images for these workshops.  It’s time for something fresh!  Something we can relate to! Something we can easily recall when trying to work on ourselves long after the workshop has been taken down.

Enter our Safari Animals.

Each of these animals I have chosen will represent a different chakra center.  The chakras make it easy to divide up areas of our lives and focus in on just one area at a time.  These animals are associated with a chakra from my personal perspective and purpose.  You will find some of these animals linked to other chakras by other sources.. some animals are associated with more than one chakra in many sources.  But, it’s all okay!  No one is wrong! We aren’t going to be in bad energy if we don’t place the same animal with the same chakra someone else does because it doesn’t matter – as long as you are able to learn the lesson and do your self-healing it is all perfectly fine.

We will have a new safari animal showcased each day and will associate certain characteristics of that animal to things we can do to care for ourselves and create a happy life.  Each animal will have 4 or 5 activities/exercises you can do to help heal and care for yourself.  You will need to pick two for the challenge, but can do as many of them each day as you choose.

I am asking that participants comment and share in this workshop.  Everyone who actively shares and responds during this workshop and lets me know they completed 2 exercises for each day will get a certificate at the end of the challenge.

To make this a real challenge though- I will also enter everyone who completes the challenge in to a drawing for something cool that I will announce next week!  And there will be times during the week that you can earn having your name put in again to increase your chance of winning!!!!

I love giving things away!!

Join us for this workshop here >>>  7 Day Self-Healing Safari Challenge

safari book and stickers.png

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