Holistic Healing

I get a lot of crazy looks when I tell people I practice Holistic Healing.  I think this is because there are a lot of misconceptions about what the term Holistic Healing actually means.  People sometimes think holistic healers are just quacks.

First, what is healing?  For most people, healing means Western Medicine – going to a medical doctor or licensed therapist to be cured of illness or injury.  And that is a correct definition if we are just talking about Western medicine and physical injury.

Healing, though, can be defined with a broader stroke; it is the bringing back in to balance and function that which is out of balance and dysfunctional.  

We aren’t just made up of a physical body and our bones and tissue aren’t the only parts of us that can be ill or injured.  Our overall health and wellness actually is made up of four areas- the physical, the mental, the emotional, and the spiritual.

Holistic Healing is the healing of our whole being, MIND – BODY – SOUL.

Unfortunately, many people mistake Holistic Healing as being anti Western Medicine and modern science.  Western Medicine is a major part of our ability to healing.  We absolutely need access to medical doctors and hospital medical care in our lives.  Essential oils, Reiki and crystals do not set broken bones folks. It is dangerous and deadly to deny the necessity of modern science in healing. Holistic healers understand and practice this truth.

That being said, essential oils, Reiki, and crystals can absolutely support Western Medicine in assisting with a speedy recovery. If all they do is relieve stress, help to manage pain, and put your mind at ease – these tools are assisting your care and aiding in your healing.

Holistic healers are open to all tools and modalities that can aid in healing any of our areas of wellness.  We use Eastern Medicine, Diet, Energy, Western Medicine, Philosophy, Spirituality and Nature to bring about optimal health and wellness.

And most importantly, holistic healers don’t heal you.  Instead, we provide you with the tools and knowledge so that you can aid in healing yourself.  

I hope this helps you understand more about the Holistic Healing and no longer fear it being a quackery field.  It really is a practice that helps you help yourself in living a well life with joy and happiness.

Best wishes – G

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