Untamed Tiger

The untamed tiger – fiercely passionate, tremendous vitality, individually unique stripes to each tiger, energetic, acts quickly, free spirited, manifests abundance for her cubs, a water sign and flows life energy.

Tamed tigers are forced to subdue their passion.  They submit their free spirit and uniqueness.  Their energy is reduced and ability to manifest stripped.

There is little that is more tragic than having your passion and dreams torn from you and being caged to a life that is unnatural, lacking hope and full of despair.

When they tell you that you can’t follow your dreams – they are taking away your hope.

When they laugh at what brings you joy – they change your energy.

Whey they condemn your passion – they are locking you in a cage.

That’s if you listen to them.

Don’t listen to them.  Be you.  Follow your passion and work towards your dreams.

Don’t be tamed.


The tiger is our day 2 animal in our Facebook workshop challenge.  You can still join us and get caught up this weekend!  >>>>  7 Day Self-Healing Safari Challenge


tame tiger 2 IG.png

Published by geniemathews

Spiritual Synergist - bringing together your dreams with the action to get there.

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