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Gorilla Speak

If a gorilla could talk, what would he say?

Well, a gorilla can talk – and they talk well enough that we humans can pick up what they mean.  They talk with their hands and their feet and their fingers and with groans, grunts, cries and screams.  They have a very complex system of communication second only to us.

They also listen and watch the communication of other gorillas and they do not interrupt.

They also don’t have the miscommunication issues we have because they don’t have the emotional and mental blocks we do.  They aren’t worried about being judged.  They aren’t worried about being taken seriously.  They have something to say and they say it.

We can learn a lot from Gorilla Speak.  I’m sharing some lessons in our Facebook Workshop group today.  This FREE workshop will be available until May 12, 2017. Come on over and join us >>>>> Self-Healing Safari 

This quote is from the children’s novel, “The One and Only Ivan,” written by Katherine Applegate.  It is based on the true story of Ivan the Gorilla who spent many, many years isolated in a cage as a road side attraction.  Later, he was sent to the zoo in Atlanta where he learned to paint and sign his name with this thumb print.  Katherine says she wrote the story to give Ivan, “…the mighty silverback,” a voice.


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