May Blessings

I have a private Facebook group called TRIBE QUEST.  When I started the group it was a spiritual education based group where I taught a 90 day course on living your dreams.  Earlier this year I transferred that course to an online academy where I am adding lessons to the course and creating other courses – hopefully to be ready to launch in JUNE!

The members of Tribe Quest voted and decided we would make our group a women’s support group, since the education and chat about the course will all be done on the new academy.

It’s been a slow transition from talking about meditation to sharing our stories and asking for support – but we are getting there.  This month I am really going to amp up my leadership and participation and see if we can help our tribe become happier in their lives.

And, we are looking for women who need a drama-free, loving, open group to add to the conversation.

To join, we usually invite you if you are a participant in one of the workshops, live training or invited personally by a member.  We do this so that we know we are asking life-minded people only and filtering out negative energy.  In this way we stay small, but, are focused and troll-free.

For the month of May, the month of blossoming and beauty, I would love to extend the invitation to women following my blog and Facebook page to feel very welcome to join us.  Click the link and request to join >>>>>>>>  Join Tribe Quest 

From myself and the Tribe, we wish you many blessings with the start of this month. May you bloom and grow.


apache blessing IG.png

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