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100m Hurdles

This has been a rough week!  I’ve had so much flying at me and most of it stressing.  It’s like running the 100-meter hurdle event at a track meet!  The hurdles just keep coming…

Money issues popped up, our old house is not selling, moved our youngest to a new apartment and had to clean his old one (omg. I failed him as a mother by not making him be a tidier person), trying to get ready for a luncheon at my new apartment this weekend and mother’s day putting me in a funk because of missing my own dear mom.  It’s been a week!

I have the tools to get over these hurdles – Essential oils for an uplift, meditation for grounding and focus, and crystals to manifest my intentions, and most importantly, I know how to change my thinking about all these things and turn them in to something positive.

Gosh though, there are just sometimes that you need to talk it out with someone else and not deal with everything on your own.  Just because I can get over the hurdles on my own doesn’t mean it’s always the healthiest idea.  I need my friends and my tribe to lend their support.

When you set out on a spiritual journey or practice holistic health and healing you need to make sure to keep connections with those who are supportive and loving, even if they aren’t going down the same path as you are traveling.

Spiritualists teach that we have everything we need inside us – and this is true.  They also teach to disconnect from depending on others for our happiness and joy.  Also true.  But, personal connection with others is vital to our spiritual growth – we experience empathy, compassion and kindness through our bonds with others.   And besides, what a lonely life it would be without friends.

Big hurdles or small – major problems or little irritations – when you feel the need to share and get support from others, please do so.  There is no shame in reaching out to people who love you.

BTW – thanks for listening!  I feel better already ♥G

life hurdles.png

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