Love or Fear

I’m not an expert on A Course in Miracles by any means, but I’ve studied it enough to understand that the main idea is to live life from a place of love.

I participated in the 40 Day Program by Lisa Natoli and the Teachers God Foundation recently.  One of the greatest lessons that stuck with me is that you cannot live from a place of love and a place of fear at the same time.

Fear and love have no common ground.  If you were to look at a venn diagram of love and fear you would see two separate circles that do not touch at all.

Fear blocks you from love.  If you live in fear you are not open to love.  You live in anger, resentment and judgement of self and others.  This is not a happy place to be.  We are witnessing the destruction and damage that living in fear can cause in the United States.

But, there is an answer.  There is a way to heal this.

Choose love.

Love dissolves fear. Love allows you to see everyone as equal.  Love allows you to live in this moment instead of fearing the future or regretting the past.

Love allows you to feel joy.  Love allows you to stop and think before you react and speak unkindly (or post on social media) and regret it later.

Love heals wounds.  Love brings people together.

Oh, my – I just went way in to corny, didn’t I?

I’m sorry.  But, it’s true.  Choose to look through the lens of love.  See if it changes your life.  It has mine.

love and fear.png

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One thought on “Love or Fear

  1. Friend, you may not be an expert yet ~ it takes a long time to become a true Teacher/student of God and a lot of work in our lessons of forgiveness ~ living in love without fear. I would say that you are well on your way to becoming a great Teacher/student for God. We need more people like you who can express themselves about the course no-matter what level one is at. The more people who are willing to share ACIM, the more likely we can spread peace through the planet and beyond ~ to alleviate evil. Keep up the good work! Peace and love to you for your journey back to God with all of us. Janene Maree (The New Switzerland Project International)


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