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Life Mastery Coach, Spiritual Educator, Wisdom Keeper

Be Your Own Cheerleader

I woke up this morning feeling in desperate need of a vibrational pick-me-up.   Who can I call to get me out of this funk?  Ugh.  Everyone is at work!

I remember back in high school, when I played basketball, that the cheerleaders could rally us to victory even when we were exhausted and sore and not sure we could go on.  Their contagious smiles, high jumps, flashy uniforms and inspiring chants kept us going many times.

Even if we lost, there they were on the bus ride home, telling us what a great job we had done and lifting our spirits.


I need a cheerleader today. 



Unfortunately, I am long past my days of high school and cheerleaders are hard to find at my age.  In fact, and tell me if you agree with this, a lot of the people in my life are more anti-cheerleader.  They like to scoff at my dreams and tell me I’m wrong about everything.  Not the best folks to go for when you need a cheering-up.

Don’t we all have friends like that?  I mean, I love ’em – but dang, throw me a friggin’ bone people.

Let’s face it – unless you are paying for a coach – you gotta be able to lift yourself up by the seat of your pants and get motivated on your own.  Grab your pom-poms friends.  We have some cheering ourselves up to do!

I’m ready for today!

Today is a beautiful day!

I can accomplish anything today!

The sun is shining!

The universe supports all my desires!

I am full of love!

People love me!

People learn from me!

I am wanted!

I am needed!

I love the people in my life!

Let’s go!

We got this!

Score one more!


OKAY!  That is a great start!  Let me grab a few crystals – amethyst & celestite & carnelian – and some DoTerra CHEER Essential Oil and I am on my way today!!!  Woo Woo!

be your own cheerleader.png


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