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June Free Workshop

Have you joined my Introduction to Holistic Healing Workshop Group yet?

Each month I host a different topic from the holistic healing/metaphysics/spiritual healing realm that gives a general knowledge of the topic and some real tools and tips for self-healing.

We’ve done workshops on the Chakras, Self-Care, Crystals, Archangels, Goal Planning, and two rather extensive workshops with a holistic healing overview.

This month, June 26-29, the workshop is “Introduction to Interpeting Your Dreams” where you can learn some really easy ways to make sense of what goes on in your head while you are sleeping.

Although I let the workshop group and my private coaching group choose the topic this month, it is definitely one of my favorites.  I’ve experienced message (vision) dreams as long as I can remember.  They come to me like puzzels and I’ve had to learn to be a detective to figure them out.  That’s what I am going to help you with – giving you the detective tool kit you need to make sense of your dreams – whether they come from emotions you have about your external world or whether they are messages from a higher realm.

Great!  How do I join?

Two ways you can join the free workshop group:

  1.  Be invited by a member.
  2.  Sign up for our list (see below) and get the link to request to join.


BTW – when you sign up for our list you get an email reminder a day or two before the workshop starts PLUS a bonus download related to the workshop topic.  Sometimes the bonus is a workbook, an infographic, or some exclusive information created to say thank you for being in the group and on our list.

Enroll in the group here >>>>>>>  Intoduction to Interpreting Your Dreams Workshop

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