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…let it go.


I really enjoy reading oracle cards and my knowledge of Tarot is growing.  I don’t normally read unless I have a client or my intuition slaps me and says “get out the cards.”

Strangely, for over a month, I have been hit with the need to give a Wedneday “hump day” reading for everyone struggling to make it through the work week.  It’s like, there must be a lot of Wednesday stress energy out there because I am really feeling it.

I think there is more to the hump day stress than just that you realize you still have two more days in the week to work.  I mean, what makes getting through the week so hard? Why do we dislike our jobs so much?

The biggest complaints I hear about it are in regards to coworkers, customers, managers and bosses.  It’s the interactions with others that really cause us so much stress and dislike for our jobs.  Of course, there are tons of other reasons – including that you just don’t like what you do – but the relationship with the people at work seems to be the make or break factor.

We hold on to resentment over a manager who is a jerk.  We get jealous of coworkers being treated better.  We are offended by dumb comments made in the break room.  We get our feelings hurt, we feel taken advantage of, and we don’t feel appreciated.

And, yes – we have the right to feel all those things when people are jerks.  Feel it!  Get a little angry!  Cry!  Take a five minute longer break!  (ok, not if it will get you fired)

Feel the feels.

And then let it go.


Because if you don’t, these people who are not even your friends or your family will be in control of your life.  (Not that friends and family should control you!)

How do I let it go?

You choose to live from a place of love instead of hate, resentment and fear.

Oh, it’s not easy.   Trust me.  I am the queen of harboring resentment and holding a grudge. (Or, I used to be.)  It takes work.  It takes practice.  It takes paying attention to your emotions and thoughts.

There are tools to help.

  • Rose Quartz crystals –  helps raise your vibration to the level of love and compassion.  Keep one on your desk or in your pocket to access easily.  Hold it and let it calm you.
  • Essential Oils – inhaling Doterra oils like Serenity, Frankinsence, Ylang Ylang, Forgive, or Patchouli can be calming and bring a sense of peace and forgiveness to you.
  • Deep breathing exercises can help you get through a situation where you feel ready to explode.  Take three deep cleansing breaths – in through your nose and out through your mouth.  When you breathe in, think a positive affirmation:

I am fine. I am calm. I am able to let this situtation fly right past me.  I am bouncing negativity off of my body.  I control me.  I am in control of my emotions.  I choose what bothers me and what doesn’t.  

When you breathe out, say to yourself, “I am releasing the comments, behavior, and negativity in this situation.”   And give that energy back to the universe because you don’t want it!

  • You can also call on your guradian angels or Archangel Michael and ask for a shield of protection so that the negativity doesn’t reach your heart center.  Your guardians and AA Michael can also help to clear away the emotions you are feeling in the situation.  Just ask.

I hope this helps you get through the work week and aids in supporting you through stressful situations at work.  You can do this.  You can let it go and heal yourself.  

xo genie

oracle card reading 61417.jpg

Let It Go, No. 27 from the Trust Your Vibes Deck by Sonia Choquette.


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