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Quantum Transmutation

Transmutation is the changing of one substance in to another.

Merriam-Webster Definition of transmutation

  1. Adjective. an act or instance of transmuting or being transmuted: such as

    a:  the conversion of base metals into gold or silver

    b:  the conversion of one element into another either naturally or artificially

  2. Noun. an act or instance of changing: such as

    a:  the evolutionary change of one species into another

    b:  the conversion of one element or nuclide into another either naturally or artificially

We have several scientific systems that use the term transmutation.  Alchemy, once a respected science, refers to transmutation as the turning of metals in to gold.  Chemistry, closely related to alchemy, refers to it as changing any element in to another element.  The Medical Sciences use it when there are physical changes to human DNA via evolution to create a new human species.  And, in the Nuclear Sciences, transmutation relates to changes to something on an atomic level using nuclear energy, either human made or naturally occurring nuclear processes.

There is quite another definition to the term that you won’t find in dictionaries.  This definition is related to changes at the quantum level and results in transformation of your vibrational energy and beliefs at the core of your spiritual being.   Quantum transmutation occurs when you get to the root cause of emotional blocks deep in your subconscious.  These blocks are part of your belief system and often keep you stuck and unable to transform and move forward throughout life.   This is manifested in repeating the same patterns over and over again.

That sounds pretty hopeless.  How can you dive in to this scientific mumbo jumbo and change the patterns in your life?  Would you believe me if I said that just the knowledge and acknowledgement of the root to a block in your belief system is enough to transmute the emotion from controlling your life and your reactions to circumstances? Transmutation of your emotional blocks can help you be a responder in life and enable you to transform through life phases.

This isn’t about healing the past or ridding yourself of negative experiences.  This is about feeling an emotion that you couldn’t safely move through during a traumatic experience earlier in your life.  If you have an emotional block it is because something happened and you weren’t allowed to feel.  You stuffed that emotion deep inside and there it has remained.  Your mind (ego) created excuses for not feeling the emotions – things like “you deserved” whatever happened.  This is a protection mechanism so you don’t feel.  It hides who you really are by putting up fences and walls around your heart.

This emotion becomes hardened and blocks you from seeing who you really are.  You become controlled by the hardened emotion – you react to situations using your defense mechanisms, instead of responding from a place of the true you.

To become unstuck you must get to the original reason the emotion was placed there – the root of the block – so that the block can be transmuted in to who you really are at your core.

This sounds so complicated and explaining how a quantum level experience happens is not an easy thing.    Going through the process of reaching these subconscious beliefs is actually a lot easier!

On July 9th I am opening up registration to my NEW course, Vision Quest, Journey through Transformation.  In this course I will be leading exercises to help transmute emotional blocks and beliefs to change your life at your core level.

If this interests you, sign up for the course updates so you can learn about when the registration opens and how you can get a discount by being on the update list.

Just go here to sign up.  More information on this course is coming July 2nd.  You’ll be the first to get the info!   Vision Quest, Journey through Transformation Course


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