Dream Life Living

How many of us sit and think about the life we are going to have someday?

Just as soon as we have enough money…

Just as soon as we have enough time…

Just as soon as the kids are out of college…

Just as soon as we retire…

So many people don’t make it to someday.

My own mom passed away two weeks after becoming eligible to receive her social security.  My husband has known military retirees who have passed within a year of retiring from service.  We all know people who have died young.

And still we wait for someday.

And I’ll tell you why.

We don’t really know what we want.

Someday is just a default belief.   We think we have to have money to live our dreams.  We think we have to have time to live our dreams.  We think our lives have to be perfect to live our dreams.

Why do we think that?  Because that’s the old story that we picked up when we were kids.  Grandpa and Grandma can travel in the RV now that they are retired.  Cousin Bob sold his business for a bazillion dollars and now he can buy that sports car he always wanted.  

So, we have to wait.  We have to wait for the beach house.  We have to wait for the sports car.  We have to wait to cruise the Mediterranean.

But, what if we didn’t have to wait?  What if we looked at our dreams and desires from another perspective?  What if what we really wanted were the feelings instead of things?

Why do your grandparents want to travel in the RV?  Freedom?  Escape?  Joy?  Happiness?  Reconnect with their youthful relationship?

Why does cousin Bob want the sports car? Attention?  To feel worthy? To feel loved? To feel successful?  To feel passion?

The beach house means peace, relaxtion, sun energy, simplicity, and calm.

The cruise in the Mediterrranean may be about the joy of learning history, the appreciation of culture and diversity,  freedom, escape, relaxation and happiness.

See, things can be taken away.  Things can be over.  Cars break and wear and end up junked. Things are not what we remember in the end, or so I am told. It’s the emotions that mean everything.  It’s the emotions that create our memories.  It’s the emotions that make life worth living.

Can you buy the car today?  Maybe not.  But, you can feel worthy!  You can be loved!  You can feel successful!  You can live with passion!

And, according to The Law of Attraction, what happens when we live out our dreams and passions day to day?  The Universe brings us more of the same!  We attract the things that bring more of the same feelings!!

So, what do you want?

If you’d like to explore this more, my new course is all about getting from where you are now to where you want to be – living your dream life.

For more information you can click the Vision Quest tab above, located under the Academy tab.

You can also register for the course or get more information here:

Vision Quest, Journey Through Transformation

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