Created Twice

Everything is created twice.  First in the mind, and then in your life.

This is ancient knowledge from the Hermetic Principal of Correspondence.  “As above, so below.  As within, so without.”  What we think in our minds, we create in our external world.

Hermes Trismegistus was an ancient Egyptian philosopher that was so greatly admired the Egyptians revered him as god – Thoth, the god of wisdom.   His seven principles are now part of what we know as the 12 Universal Laws.

This is law, or Principle of Correspondence, is very closely related to the Law of Attraction (Cause & Effect) in that we are creating from our thoughts.  In the Law of Attraction, your thoughts send out energy vibrations which attracts the same energy back to you.   In this way, you are creating your reality.  But, LOA also deals with your emotions and actions as well, whereas the Law, or Principle, of Correspondence is more of an intentional creation.

A table, for example, is designed as a thought before it can be sketched on paper and created from wood.  Everything we create was first created in the mind.

Why is this an important concept?  Why does it matter that we think about something before we create it?

Because you have to know what you want before you can create it.  You have to know specifics.  What will it look like?  What is its function?  How will the mechanism work?  What are the steps to create this?

If you don’t have the plan in your mind you surely won’t be able to put it on paper or in to your design.  You will fly blindly in your creation process.

More importantly, tables and mechanical things are not the only things you can create. You can create the life of your dreams too! Surprisingly, most people do not use the Law of Correspondence to create their lives – instead, they live on auto-pilot, hoping the life of their dreams suddenly appears.

You can intentionally create the life you want.  What would that look like?  What would you be doing?  If you don’t know the answer to those questions then you probably will never get there.

Design it in your mind – then live it in your life.

It really is possible.

As a Life Coach it is exactly what I help people do.  Acknowledge where you are – discover where you want to be – then fill in the gap with lots of intentional creativity.

It’s also the main objective in my new course, Vision Quest – Journey Through Transformation.  

Later today I will be posting a video on my Facebook page.  It’s a look inside the course and the Q&A Session from Friday evening.  Check it out: (It will be titled Zoom Call Replay)

Genie Mathews, Intuitive Life Coach

Watch the video until the end because I have some giveaways and ways you can earn free tuition to this course!




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