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Results Matter

My course, Vision Quest – Journey Through Transformation,  launches in 19 days!  I’m so excited!!  I love helping people ~ it’s my purpose without a doubt ♥

But, I’m not reaching people.  Ads are getting likes, but not enrollments.  FB Lives are being watched, but people aren’t clicking the link to the course page.  Numbers are low at this point.  My message is not getting through.

I know this course is life changing!  I know this course will help so many people~ especially women who are having a difficult time going through major life changes!  I’m just not reaching people in a way that gets that message across.

Here is the truth I have to face.  I’m nobody in the industry.  I have not published a book (yet) and I don’t have a huge following.  The fact is that I don’t have a ton of results to show you to prove my course is legit.

Let me share with you what my friends have told me since my transformation.

I hear a lot of times that I am “calming” and have a “calming affect” on some.  And quite often my friends tell me that I am “much lighter in spirit and such a happy person.”

I am the proof that the program works.  I’ve gone from being an angry, lost, passionless old feeling woman who was ready to give up on life~ to a happy, lively, purpose driven, younger feeling woman who is following her dreams!!

But, don’t take my word for it.  Here are some testimonials from a few of my Facebook students:

The chakra lessons have really been incredible. You are putting it into terms that anyone can understand.  ~B. 


Miss G. that reading gave me chills!  It was right on point! ~CG


Thank you, Genie, for helping me through a really tough time.  I didn’t think I could do it, but you taught me I can get through anything.  ~MB


I was first introduced to Genie’s work through her Facebook page. I signed up for her “Intro to Holistic Healing” and loved it. Filled with tons of info, well organized, bringing many parts together in a very cohesive fashion. Genie is a very supportive and easy to follow teacher. She knows her subjects well. Such a great experience! I look forward to her next online learning experience. ~Nancy M.


Genie has helped me to realize my full potential and given me the tools to successfully reach my goals. I can now see the importance of living life with intention.   Her courses provide a plethora of information for healing and moving forward in life. She is extremely knowledgeable of her craft and passes on that knowledge in a way that is enjoyable and easy to understand.  ~LM


All these woman were the early students of my course ~ or at least portions of my course, here and there, over the past 10 months.  One of them has changed careers to something she loves, another is running her own healing buisiness, and a third has decided it’s time to live her dreams and is taking time to put herself first.   A fourth woman, who went through 4 years of upheaval and anxiety attacks, is now happily settled in her life, working in a career she loves and living a life she is passionate about.

So, I get it.  Results matter.  And because this course is just launching, I don’t have testimonials from the full course.  I can tell you what results you can absolutely expect if you sign up for this journey:

By the end of this course you will achieve self-awareness, a sense of direction, and a change in attitude. You will be unstuck and moving forward with purpose.  You will feel better than maybe you ever have in your life.  You will be living a life you love.  You will be confidently taking the actions needed to live your dream life.  

How does that sound to you?  Well I can tell you that, for me, it feels amazing and free ~ as if a milion pounds of stress, guilt, shame, and anger were released from my body.  Yes!  It feels that good!

No matter what your hurdle is that is stopping you from living your life fully and with joy – we can get you over it!  And, not just over it – but you’ll have the tools to deal with life the next time it throws you a curve ball!

This course, plus my constant presence and support in class and the Facebook group, can get you from where you are to where you want to be.

Give it look ~

Vision Quest, Journey Through Transformation






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