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Life Mastery Coach, Spiritual Educator, Wisdom Keeper

Shift Happens

Transformation doesn’t just happen because we want it to happen.  You can certainly have short-term change just by wanting it, but without a process, you soon see old habits and behaviors resurfacing and taking you right back to the same old stuck patterns.

If you want permanent results you will want to transform your SELF- physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.  And that takes process – it takes a shift in the way you believe, think, feel and act.   It’s a real metamorphosis of your whole being, and that’s why I use the butterfly as my icon.


Merriam-Webster Definition of shift


transitive verb


1:  to exchange for or replace by another :  change


2a :  to change the place, position, or direction of :  moveb :  to make a change in (place)


3:  to change phonetically


intransitive verb


1a :  to change place or positionb :  to change direction the wind shifted c :  to change gears d :  to depress the shift key (as on a typewriter)


2a :  to assume responsibility had to shift for themselvesb :  to resort to expedients


3a :  to go through a change she shifted the  her approachb :  to change one’s clothesc :  to become changed phonetically

4a : shift gears:  to make a change


A shift must happen in order for you to move past trauma, pain, major life struggles and natural life phases.  Sometimes you can shift on your own – accept the change, see the path ahead and move on with your life.

But, there are often times that you can’t.  You can’t get past the pain.  You can’t move on from grief and loss.  You can’t see the path ahead or find your direction.  And, in these times, you feel trapped -stuck – in the cycle of misdirection and wrong decisions that just keep repeating and keep you feeling the same pain and frustration and hopelessness.  You need transformational healing.

I’ve been there and was stuck there for many years.  I spent 7 years working a lot of programs to shift my life.  Most of the programs focused on one area – mindset, emotional healing, weight-loss, finding my purpose, connecting with my intuition and higher self – and lots more.  It was like putting a puzzle together piece by piece.

And then one day the shift happened and I discovered that it took healing my whole self to finally get through my pain and lack of confidence and them-esteem.  Once I had it figured out, I knew I wanted to share this awareness with everyone out there like me.

This is the process I created –

shift process.png

This is the process that is the foundation of my new course, Vision Quest – Journey Through Transformation.

Registration is open right now for $49 tuition.  The doors close on July 20th at midnight and the price goes up to $199 for those who enroll during the next registration period.

If you are having a difficult time moving through life – check out this course.

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