I May Be Spiritual But I’m No Saint

I may be self-aware and possess a house full of crystals and essential oils to keep me grounded and level-headed, but until those things can actually change my DNA, I’m still very, very human.

And that means I fail.

For starters, my ego is a real bitch.  Let’s just put that out there.  I have this inner dialog sometimes that is judgmental and bitchy.  I see posts on Facebook sometimes and my eyes roll so hard it makes my head hurt.  And if I go to Walmart without getting grounded and having a pep talk with myself first… Do I even need to explain this ’cause y’all know you’ve been there too!

But, I try to be a better version of myself.  I try to think before I post snarky comments on my Facebook profile.  I try to walk through Walmart with a smile on my face and a sense of patience in my heart.  And most of the time I do okay.

Sometimes it helps to watch how others behave when they are ungrounded and grumpy and impatient.  The other day and a man was very loudly complaining about having to wait in line at the deli.  He was so rude.  It was inexcusable. I felt so bad for the deli clerk and the lady she was waiting on who requested paper in between each slice of cheese.   I was thinking to myself, “this is why I get my head right before I come in here because I hope to never act like that asshole.”


I was completely in judgement mode of this guy – and I’ll admit that there was some fear energy going on in my body.  Yes, he was being a jerk and putting out some nasty vibes.  And I just added a whole bunch more negativity to the situation with my thoughts and feelings – I may as well have been clapping for this man to just get more spun up.

What could I have done?  I could have sent some love and light his way.  I could have sent out the vibration of compassion, hoping some would make it’s way in to his heart chakra.  I could have calmed my own fears with some positive self-talk.  I could have moved closer to the woman waiting for her cheese so she knew she was safe.  I could have chosen not to be a “spiritual snob”.


A spiritual snob is someone who is on a path of spiritual awakening and transformation and has begun thinking they are “higher” than others due to their perceived personal growth.  Spiritual snobs often try to fix others who have not asked to be fixed.  They often think their path to self-awareness is the best path for everyone.  And, they expect others to “see the light” because they now see it.   In all these behaviors the spiritual person is sitting in judgement of others and living through ego instead of focusing internally on their own areas of weakness and awareness.


It actually took me a couple hours to realize my egotistical thoughts.  Had I not been telling my husband the story I might never have realized it.  But, the great part is that I did realize it.  And that is self-awareness and growth.

So, Lightworkers and Empaths and Healers – you will not be perfect on your journeys.  It’s important that your reflect on your failures and imperfections and forgive yourself for them.  You are not an Angel.  You are not a Saint.  You are not perfect.  You are human.  As a human you will spend your whole life learning and growing.  And that’s okay.  You’re okay. You’re better than okay – You’re awesome!

But, try not to be a spiritual snob.  

Love & Light





Graphic credit: Om Times on Facebook.


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