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Sometimes the rituals involved in the metaphysical world make some feel like they can’t access spiritual tools without being let in to the secret club.

And, don’t get me wrong – rituals are great for special occasions and when you want to go all out.  It’s just that it isn’t always necessary – it’s actually rarely necessary.

You don’t need to be magical.  You don’t need a secret mantra, prayer, or spell.  You don’t need an initiation in to any secret club.  You can use tools like Tarot Cards and crystals and plants to help in your healing and wellness in easy and practical ways.

That’s what I am on a mission to do – make these tools easier for everyone to access.  These things have changed my life and could change yours too.

I’ve launched a new free course today on my academy called, Practical Crystal Living.  This course gives you a nice basic understanding of buying crystals and using them safely and successfully.

Here is the course outline:

Lesson 1:  Choosing The Right Crystal for You

In this lesson you will seek guidance from your intuition in choosing the crystal that is meant for you. 

Lesson 2:  Cautions & Considerations

Not all crystals & minerals are harmless.  Learn how to safely work with your stones.  

Lesson 3:  Does Size, Shape, or Altered Matter?

Crystals come in lots of shapes and sizes and some are altered by man.  Does this affect the crystal energy?

Lesson 4:  Caring for Your New Crystal

Learn how to clear your stones of negative energy and how to keep them safe and happy. 

Lesson 5:  My Top 13 Beginner Stones

This lesson will discuss 13 terrific stones for beginners just starting to work with crystals. 

Lesson 6:  Amazing Advanced Stones

Learn about a few advanced stones. 

Lesson 7:  Practical Crystal Living Tips, Part I

In this lesson you will learn some practical ways to use crystals in your everyday life.  

Lesson 8:  Practical Crystal Living Tips, Part II

More practical ways to use your crystals for everyday. 

Lesson 9:  Crystal Grids

You’ll learn a few simple grids to help you manifest your desires. 

Lesson 10:  Full Moon Ceremony

Full moons are great times to treat your crystals to a moon bath as well as a powerful time for manifesting.  

Bonus 1:  Crystals & Chakras Chart

This pdf chart shows examples of stones that are great to work with each chakra. 

Bonuse 2:  The Pocket Book of Stones

A great pdf book about crystals by Robert Simmons 


If you’d like to sign up for this free course, just click here >>>> Practical Crystal Living

Check out this sneak peek image from the course!


PCL Kids n Pets.png

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