Tarot Card Coaching

A new announcement from the Genie Mathews crew!  Our services just keep growing!  We’ve got 6 free mini-courses, a monthly workshop, live daily oracle card advice and now we finally have the Etsy store up and running!

Right now we have Tarot Card Coaching on offer via email available through the Etsy shop!  You buy the session according to which deck you want and I will get in touch to find out your concern, question or intention for the reading.  I do the reading within 24-48 hours and then create a PDF of the card images, my interpretations and then a coaching summary.  You will be able to email back one time to ask questions about the reading and I’ll get back to you with answers and more information.

It might seem weird to have a Tarot Reading done via email – but it’s really quite special because you get a written record of the reading that you can refer back to later.

etsy store buttons Angel tarot


I will be offering Distance Reiki as well, but I can’t sell Distance Reiki Sessions on Etsy as it is against their policies (and they actually smacked my hand today for offering it).   I am writing an eBook to explain what Reiki is and how Distance Reiki works and how to give yourself a Reiki treatment.  I’ll sell this eBook on Etsy and in the book I will offer a coupon for anyone wishing to have a complementary Distance Session and an email address to contact me to claim your free session.  This eBook will be a legitimate resource and tool for your healing library and so it turns out to be win-win for you!

In the meantime, you can always contact me here for a paid distance session or on my Facebook page – Just look under services on Genie Mathews, Intuitive Life Coach.




In the next couple days we will be offering a really cool Chakra Crystal Healing set.  It will have 10 crystals, a muslin carry bag with a chakra body grid on one side and a circle grid on the other side to use with the crystals, plus a set of chakra cards!  We’re waiting on a few of the crystals to arrive so we can finish the sets and then I’ll get the sets posted. We would love to carry more crystal healing sets, so if these go over well we will see about expanding to other sets.

If you would like to see what else we have to offer, go to the shop tab above or visit the EtherealQuest Etsy Store.


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