August Workshop

The August Workshop in our Facebook group is going to be on the Law of Attraction.  It’s called, Vibration Manifestation, and will go over how the Law of Attraction works and how you can raise your vibes to manifest what you desire instead of what you fear.

The Law of Attraction is something that’s been popular for about two decades now.  We’ve all heard of it or the book & movie, The Secret.  Rhonda Byrne’s book was a great introduction to the Law of Attraction and the idea of there being quantum universal laws.  These metaphysical concepts are not things we learn in the education system growing up and The Secret was the first exposure to such notions for most people – it really was a secret!

From this book & movie we learned the theory that “like attracts like” and how our thoughts create our world.  This knowledge changed a lot of lives!


Unfortunately, Law of Attraction became synonymous to the concept of “Karma”, which is a very misunderstood Hindu principle of cause and effect.  Karma is viewed by most westerners as a punishment or retribution for bad behavior.  We often hear people make statements, such as, “Karma is going to get them”, or, “Karma is a b*tch!”  We reap what we sow is a very common interpretation of the Sanskrit word.

And so we began thinking of Law of Attraction as a punishment for bad thoughts or bad deeds.  If we get sick it is because we did something to deserve it.

This IS NOT how Karma or Law of Attraction works.  It is not about punishment or retribution or “paying” for your behavior.  Thinking that there is some pernicious force out there trying to punish you can cause feelings of helplessness and a lack of control over your life. It creates unnecessary suffering to view life in this way.

So, here is the truth – Karma is nothing more and nothing less than the fact that your actions today affect your life tomorrow.  Karma doesn’t judge.  Karma doesn’t punish.  Karma doesn’t seek revenge. Karma does not reward.  Karma is neutral and provides you with exactly what you have requested through your actions.

Law of Attraction works similarly.  It is not seeking to hurt you or reward you.  Quantum energy does not operate under human concepts of revenge and punishment.  It’s simply energy seeking out like energy.

If you’d like to learn more or take your knowledge of the Law of Attraction one step further, I invite you to join my workshop group on Facebook.  Click the link above that says Workshop Enrollment and follow the sign up instructions.

There are a couple of weeks until this workshop takes place, but feel free to join now and say hello to everyone in the group.  Sometimes I do a live card reading or other activities in between workshops, PLUS, this is the support group for all the FREE mini-courses on my academy.  (see Holistic Wellness Academy tab above for more information).

Hope to see you there!

workshop image ig.png

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