Essential Luxury

Essential Luxury – what does that mean?  It sounds like an oxy-moron.  How can something be essential and a luxury?

Let me explain.

Essential Luxury is the name of this month’s free workshop on Facebook.  I host one each month on a beginner level holistic healing topic for anyone new to spirituality, energy healing or metaphysics.

The topic this month is Essential Oils and so the “Essential” in Essential Luxury has a double meaning.  First, it refers to our topic, essential oils.  In this way it means the essence taken from a source to create the oil.  We’ll briefly learn about these sources and how the essences are extracted in our workshop.  But, essence isn’t the only meaning in the workshop title.

Essential also means necessary.  A basic need.  Something vital.  A rough, raw, bare-bones element necessary for subsistence.  It is quite literally the opposite of luxury, which is a want or desire fulfilled; an extravagance, an excess, an abundance or overflowing of non-essentials.

Yes, essential and luxury, needs and wants, are quite the opposite and it seems odd to put them in a title together as such.  Guess what else are opposites?  Yin and Yang.  Masculine and Feminine.  Light and Dark.  Sun and Moon. Work and Play.  Putting these words together is about one thing…


Essential Luxury is about bringing balance and harmony to your life with the use of essential oils.  With essential oils you can balance your moods, your Chakras, your reliance on medications, your use of toxic chemicals for cleaning and your overall health and holistic wellness.

AND, feeling your best can absolutely lead to you living a life of abundance and following your heart’s desires!  Not to mention, using essential oils in your daily life can give you the feeling of extravagance, pampering and living the good life. Essential is Luxury when you use essential oils in your life!!

Join me for this month’s workshop and discover how you can add essential oils to your life in practical ways.  Click the “Workshop Enrollment” tab above to sign up.  I’ll send you a reminder a day or two before the workshop and give you a link to download the bonus of the month. This month’s bonus is digital poster with lots of essential oil diffuser recipes for fall and a few roller bottle recipes with the best fall aromas!


Essential Luxury.png

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