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Aroma of Fall

Last week I hosted a workshop on Facebook about essential oils.  The workshop was geared towards people who have never used EOs but have wanted to learn about them.

I picked out ten single oils that I thought would be great for beginners.  Of course, I used doTERRA oils as examples because those are the ones I am familiar with, but I tried to choose aromas that were easily available elsewhere.

These oils weren’t all “easy” oils – as in, easy to know how to use them.  I put together a group of oils that covered the spread from “easy” to “never even heard of that before”.  The oils are:

top ten oils with icon.png

If you’d like to lean about these oils and get some great downloadable slides of ways you can use these oils if your daily life, it’s not too late to join the Facebook group and check out the workshop.  The material will be up for a couple weeks, so you have plenty of time to watch the Live video replays and download all the images.  >>Enroll Here<<

Everyone who is signed up for the email list in this group also got a special download of a poster I created with Fall Essential Oil blends for your diffuser – some of the oils from the workshop are in these blends, plus a couple fall aromas like clove, cinnamon and ginger.  Here is a jpeg of the poster so you can fill your home with the Aromas of Fall.   You can save it to your Pinterest board for future access!  

diffuser poster image

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