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3 Tools to Raise Your Vibes

Each Wednesday on my Facebook page I draw two oracle cards to seek motivation and raising our vibes midway through the work week.  I do a daily reading  every weekday using a different intention and two different decks, which I choose intuitively.  Then, I coach on the messages given to me through the cards. You can view my Live drawings each day here >>> Genie’s Facebook

Let’s face it – we need motivation and inspiration on other days of the week, too.  Probably every day!  So here are a few of the ways I keep myself motivated and higher vibrating, even when it’s a struggle to do so.

1. Turn off the phone and TV and distractions. This allows you to think, plan and “hear” your inspiration when it calls.   These cell phones are sometimes a curse.  We just tune out – shut down – stop listening to the world and our own inner voices as we scroll and scroll and scroll through newsfeeds and posts.  Turn them off.  Set them aside.  Get back in touch with you.  Especially if you need motivation and inspiration.  It’s inside you if you will only pay attention!   Listen.

2.  Do something that brings you joy.  Play with your children.  Take a soak in the tub.  Sit outside with your cup of coffee and listen to life around you.  Listen to music.  Call a friend.  Dance.  Buy someone a meal.  Diffuse some uplifting essential oil blends.  Swim.  Read.  Make a gratitude list.  Smile at the check out clerk who is having a bad day.  Whatever it is that fills your heart with joy and happiness – do that!  Inspiration and motivation will flow with your vibrations lifted.  Feel. 

3.  Write a brief story of what your life will look like once your reach your goal or complete your task.   Write a paragraph or two as if you had already accomplished your goal.  What will it look like, feel like, be like once you get your goal is met?  How will you celebrate?  What will your emotion be like?  Feel that emotion as your write.  Relief? Pride? Victorious? Joyous? Are you dancing in the end zone?  Let that feeling motivate you to keep going until you get there!  You will get there.  Believe.

Hope these suggestions help.  ♥

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