From Hobby to Career

I’ve been a spiritual coach and teacher for a few years now.  I’ve blogged when I wanted,difference between hobby and career offered private sessions when I had time, and made this a second life apart from my family and other jobs.  I have set soft deadlines for courses and really treated this passion of mine as a hobby instead of a career.  And that worked just fine for a long time.  It gave me room to make mistakes and learn and grow and it also took the pressure off of me trying to earn a living in this field – which is really lucky since I have offered most of my services for free.

A few months back I made the decision that it was time to switch gears and make use of my training and skills and love of helping others in an increased capacity.  It felt like the time was right to transition from hobby to career and to try to earn a living doing what I love.  I thought I’d share the first hurdle I had to get over in making the change…

…having a plan.

See, when I started to do this full-time, I was still behaving like I did when it was a hobby.  Sure, I was doing it daily or several times a week – writing blogs, sharing on social media, daily live card drawings, advertising paid services here and there- but it was still very much, do what I feel like doing, write about what comes to mind, advertise this or that, and share random (though informative) social media posts.  

I was overwhelmed keeping up any kind of daily to-do list.   I didn’t have a plan.  I didn’t have a routine.  I didn’t have the slightest idea how to make this a career.

What I did have was a great business mentor, Dr. Aly, leader of my doTERRA team.  I began paying attention to her work ethic and it became clear how she built a very successful online holistic biz and leader of one of the fastest growing doTERRA teams; She has a plan.  And she works that plan everyday.  And she makes changes to that plan as she needs.  And she just never stops.

So, the first thing I did was to change my habits and create a daily routine that keeps me on track.  While getting used to a daily work routine, I began creating my business plan and goals.  Even if you think you know where you want to go with your business, it’s great to put it in writing because you see all the steps you are missing and what you really need to get there.  I just used the same steps as in the 2017 Goal Planning Course that I offer for free on the Academy. (Goal Planning Course)

Now that I have a plan and I know what direction I am going in, it has made a huge difference in my being able to schedule my daily tasks while still leaving time for client appointments and the personal stuff I still have to take care of day-to-day. 

I created this weekly planner sheet to help me keep track of all the things I need to take care of each day.  This one is blank, but on my personal one I fill each daily block with the stuff I have to do every single day – from live readings, to appointments, to drinking enough water and getting something done around the house.  (I work from home and so I have to schedule house chores so I don’t get side-tracked cleaning and not work on my sacred biz!)

In the circles, I list my social media accounts and the days I will post and the topic.  Some of those I do twice a week, some once a week, and some I share what I posted on other accounts.  My blog is included in the circles and I have planned to blog twice a week.  So, one circle is for my blog.  Another circle is for Instagram.  The third circle is for Facebook.  And the final circle is for Pinterest.   You could use them for anything you want to standout from your daily routine.  

I use the thin block under the title to write a mantra or theme for the week.  This has helped me stay inspired and working towards my dreams.

You can right click and save the image, or download the pdf version by clicking the title.

2017 Weekly Planner

weekly plan blank.png

If you are a lightworker, empath, or intuitive and are hoping to start an online career and need some help, let me know.  Just message me at the contact tab above.  I can let you know how to join my holistic biz team to get tons of training, advice and support.  Yes, it’s through my doTerra team – but, honestly, we are about building holistic businesses – with the essential oils or without them.  We teach you how to build your blog and website, how to post on social media, how to make images to post, how to zoom and live stream… and lots and lots more.

Let me know if the weekly planner is useful!

♥ Genie


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