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The Bubbly Personality Lie in Spiritual Leadership

Almost every spiritual business mentor and teacher I have and every “how to succeed in life” speaker I have listened to have all been incredibly bubbly, extremely happy,  cheerleader-like personalities.

“Hi, beautiful gals!  Let me show you how to be fabulous sacred healers and attract high value clients! You too can live a life of joy and abundance lovelies! *smiley face, heart, party streamers, praying hands, smiley face*”

That upbeat, confident, bubbly social media message reels me in every time.  How about you?

I mean, someone that happy and successful – because all of these sacred biz mentors and teachers are successful – must really be an amazing spiritual guru, right?  They must have all their shizz together and so this is someone I have got to listen to and emulate if I am going to be successful.  

I am calling bullshit on this spiritual lie.

I finally understand that the bubbly persona is just a caricature – a sales gimmick – an infomercial to get you to buy what program or course they are selling.  It’s not sustainable longer than the length of a webinar or Facebook Live because all spiritual leaders and teachers have the same problems everyone else have – they just choose to be inauthentic and hide their truth so you will buy their happiness model.

Bubbly does not equal happy.  Bubbly does not equal joy.  Bubbly does not equal spiritually awaken-ness. 

Images I found on google about the shadow side of bubbly personalities:


I can’t tell you how much I have beat myself up because I am not a bubbly person and never have been.  I have always been the level-headed problem-solver who people confide in because I am calm and rational and serious.  I’m going to tell you the truth in a compassionate and positive way without sugarcoating it with balloons, hearts, giggles  and a false sense of potential outcome. I can even motivate you without pom-poms or a locker room speech.  But, the last couple years I have often wondered if my scholarly demeanor and lack of cheerleader skill was going to stall my growth as a teacher and leader.  I wondered if I was really happy if I couldn’t present myself in a bubbly manner.

Yes, I doubted if I was happy because I couldn’t fake pretentious happiness. 

Sure, I laugh and I smile when I feel it to do so – I’m neither cold-hearted nor a robot. I live with a ton of joy in my heart and enjoy life with zest every chance I get. I am happy and I am healing and I am growing.  I love life!  I love teaching!  I love learning!  ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥!

I want more than anything to pass on content and education that can help others heal and grow and live happy lives.  I just get in this zone of seriousness and even-temperament when I am teaching.   I don’t spend a lot of energy on creating momentary high vibes and using emoticons to give temporary smiles. (I do use them, just sparingly)  I am in this for the long haul and your long-term happiness and joy.

I’m just not a great salesperson.  I’m really bad at being inauthentic and bringing out my inner actress. That’s probably because I am much more interested in helping you than I am in taking as much of your money as I can get.  The truth is that I can only muster just so much bubble even when I am trying to sell a course or product I think would really benefit your life – not because I don’t care or because I don’t want to get you excited to buy my course – but because I want you to buy it because you want to heal and grow, not because I did a Jedi mind-trick on your emotions.

Are there genuine bubbly people – yes, absolutely!  But, even the bubbliest of people have shadows.  A person who is truly awake and desiring to help others will know that being authentic is vital in spiritual teaching and leadership – it is how you model getting through shadow days that is the real path to spiritual growth.

Be careful of “spiritual leaders” who keep their shadows a secret and only present their sales persona.  And, don’t automatically discount those who present themselves in a calm, even-tempered demeanor because they may just be the most real teachers you’ll find.

bubbly does not equal happy.png



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