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Very soon my website is going to be relaunched all shiny and new 🙂  One of the biggest changes is coming to my blog!  The title might give it away for some of you and I hope that sounds as exciting to you as it is for me!

After the January workshop on Facebook I spent many, many days meditating and planning and figuring out the direction I want to take my holistic biz in this year.  I grew a lot over the past year and have really enjoyed meeting all the new people I am working with and had tons of fun doing card reading advice on my Facebook page.  It just didn’t seem to help people the way I was hoping.

In retrospection, the daily card readings were so random – useful – but random.  Plus, if you aren’t in to Oracle and Tarot Cards, you weren’t tuning in to hear the message anyway.

I struggled for a couple weeks trying to solve my desire to give advice publicly and to a lot of people at once, but do it in a way that actually helps someone.  ♥♥   One day during meditation the words “Dear Abby” popped in my head and I knew immediately the direction I needed to go in this year.


Dear Genie Header

Dear Abby is a newspaper columnist who answers life questions from readers who send in letters.  Like that column, I will be answering real life questions from real life people here on my blog.  This is a huge shift in the way I give educational information and holistic wellness advice!  Topics and information will now relate to real situations rather than random topics I am interested in sharing.  ♥♥♥♥

My first “Dear Genie” blog will launch in a couple weeks, but I am soliciting questions and concerns now.  There will be three ways to submit a question or concern on a spiritual, holistic or life topic.  (I cannot answer medical or legal questions though!)

  • You can contact me on Instagram or Facebook with your question.  I get a lot of messages on those accounts and this is the least best way to submit a letter.

  • You can email me at a new email account I have set up for “Dear Genie”  geniemathews@outlook.com

  • You can use the contact form tab above, or click this image that I will post with each new blog from now on:

send me a letter image

How does this work?

Once a week (or more often depending on how many submissions I get) I will answer questions based on my training and spiritual philosophy.  Answers may include recommended crystals or activities. They may include a drawing of an oracle card or an intuitive impression.  Mostly, however, my advice will be sound and straight forward.

I cannot answer questions or concerns regarding medical or legal issues.  This includes psychotherapy questions.  I am not a psychologist or medical doctor or lawyer.  My area of expertise is Spiritual Counseling, Life Coaching and Metaphysical Humanistic Science.  And, though I am legally able to give counseling in certain areas of life, I will not answer anything that I do not feel expertly qualified to answer.  If you have followed my blog or watched my Daily Oracle Card Advising, then you know what kinds of things I generally talk about >>  Self-care, self-image, healthy boundaries, relationship healing, soul healing, stress, fear, love, compassion, wisdom, personal strength, personal power, goal setting, dream planning, life transformation, energy healing, etc…

I’m looking forward to your questions and hope this new direction helps you make the shifts in your life you have been seeking.


disclaimer for website pre phd


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