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Have the courage to ask for your desires ♥

Sheila P. writes:

Dear Genie,

Will I receive more money soon?

Dear Sheila P.,

Oh, Sheila, if I could answer that I would be in great demand as a fortune teller! 🙂

In the Law of Attraction, the secret to manifesting abundance is that you have to know that your desires will be fulfilled.  You ask the universe (or God) for what you desire and then you thank the universe (or God) for providing it because you know it is on the way.  You know it.

So, Sheila, are you going to receive money soonAsk. Believe. Receive. 

I’ll tell you what – I will draw a card from The Good Tarot deck and see if the universe will give me an answer for you.

ten of water

And we have the 10 of Water with the Buddha statue.  The Buddha is famously a symbol for good fortune!  I think you’ve got the answer for sure!

Be patient and good fortune will arrive.  Believe it!

Best of Luck!

♥ Genie

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Scott writes:

Dear Genie,

I’ve been married for almost twelve years now. We have a great relationship and three great kids. I can’t complain! I have a good job and we definitely don’t go without. The problem is I’m bored. I have the life that most people aim for but something is missing. I’ve tried finding new hobbies and making friends but it’s not helping. I don’t know how to approach my wife about this without it sounding like I’m unhappy in our marriage. I’m not lacking anything sexually or romantically, I’m not bored with her or our kids. I’m bored with my life. Same routine, same thing every day. How can I bring this up without hurting feelings? Is there a solution or is this something I need to get used to? Thanks.

Dear Scott,

As humans we are designed to desire growth and change.  It’s natural.  It’s how we evolve. It’s that whole cave-man nomad instinct in us. We grow and change as individuals whether we choose to or not.   There are many who fight this instinct and that leads to a lot of unhappiness and suffering.   It is really healthy that you have recognized this need in yourself and I applaud your sensitivity towards your wife.  While we have a need to strive for individual growth and fulfillment, we do have to consider how our behavior and choices affect those around us.

Do something for me.  Imagine your life in twenty years if you don’t talk to your wife about this and don’t find that something to fill in the missing piece.  Do you notice cracks in the beautiful life you have now?  Has the boredom grown to unbearable levels – and has that changed who you are?  What are you wishing you had done while you had the chance?  

There is a solution, Scott.  And, yes, that will include talking to your wife about your desires and feelings.  Trust me, we gals always know when something is wrong or changing and unless we know why, we always blame ourselves.  She will pick up on this energy from you whether you tell her or not.  Fear of having this conversation will likely cause you both hurt feelings in the long run.

The thing I would suggest you try to do first is really figure out what it is you want to fill that missing piece.   Knowing what you want will make the conversation with the Mrs. much more clear.  The problem is you have tried some things but don’t really know what you desire.

Normally, when helping someone figure out what to do with their life, I would have them do some visualization exercises to imagine their dream life.  It sounds like you’ve got a head start there with a happy home, marriage and family.  You’re a wonderful success story.   I might also suggest to others that they take a look at their hobbies and skills to see where their talent and passions meet.  You are a step a head on that as well, although you’ve found no solution. It seems like you are in need of some inspiration to know what you want to fill this missing-ness(Yes, I made that word up.)

Have you thought about volunteering? Something on a personal level (meaning to directly work with people instead of donations or fundraising) – perhaps with the elderly or youth?  Take a look in your community and see what need there is for someone with your talents.  Some ideas: Veterans programs, Senior Centers, Youth Mentor programs, Youth coaching, etc.

I’m suggesting this, not as the answer to what you are seeking, but as a path to self-discovery.  Volunteering on a personal level can help you find your inspiration in these ways:

  1. It just feels good to help others. When you feel good, you energetically connect with your intuition and open yourself up for ideas and creativity.  This is divine inspiration.
  1. When working with the elderly you do a lot of listening. You hear the stories of the events that brought them joy.  You hear the regrets of the dreams they never lived.  Likewise, when working with youth – you pick up on the exciting futures they have planned and all their big and wild dreams.  As you support them, they will inspire you.
  1. Volunteering is a great activity you can do with your wife. You may grow as a couple from the experience and you both may find inspiration for living your individual passions and desires. 

Even if you don’t take me up on that idea, your inspiration will come.  You’ll want to share it with your wife.  She loves you and wants you to be happy – she may just need to be reassured that your happiness still includes you walking this life journey by her side.  Once you know what you want, you’ll be able to talk to her about your inspiration and why you are inspired, rather than just saying, “I’m bored and feel like something is missing in my life.”  (Which we know would be misunderstood and taken personally.)

Also, include her in deciding how to take action on this inspiration – listen to her ideas and her concerns.  (For example, if you are inspired to jump out of airplanes – she might have a lot of concerns that you’ll need to answer first.  🙂 )

The bottom line is that growth and change happen – whether we seek it out or not.  It’s just nature.  You have the choice to deny it and ignore it and work against it and possibly end up unhappy and regretful while changes you don’t want happen anyway.  Or, you can tune in to your desires and live an inspired life on the path of your choosing.

Find your inspiration and talk to her. Allow her to grow and change by your side, as I know you will do for your wife when the call for something more beckons her.

Wishing you all the best,

♥ Genie

P.S. Some metaphysical suggestions:

Peppermint leaf and Blue Lace Agate stone are both really good support when having a conversation you are nervous about.  Peppermint helps with nerves and is calming.  Blue Lace Agate is a throat chakra stone and helps you communicate your truth in a loving way.

conversation kit.png

The advice on this blog are only suggestions for life improvement using the life experience and training of Genie Mathews.  There is no medical or legal advice contained within and content is not to be used in place of medical or legal advice.

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